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What is currency?

It is the name given to foreign currencies in the economy. In financial markets, each unit has a generally accepted symbol. For example, three commonly used symbols in the world: USD, EUR and GBP.

What is the exchange rate?

A country's currency is often used only for trading transactions within that country. However, when used in a different country, translation between these units is required. In other words, exchange rates are briefly the expression of a national currency in another currency. For example, a company in Turkey, the euro will need to import from Germany. Therefore, the importer is obliged to give Turkish Lira and receive the equivalent amount of Euro in return. As seen in this example, it is frequently used in foreign economic relations.

How does the currency exchange converter work?

The price of any type of foreign currency is determined freely in accordance with the level of supply and demand for that currency, or within the framework of the central bank's interventions that determine the liquidity in the market. The exchange rates used in the calculations are updated instantly by the contracting institution. Translation between currencies is provided at prices at the time you trade.

How many different currencies can I make currency calculations?

You can convert between more than 160 currencies with our converter tool, which is mainly used for euro and dollar calculations. However, the most common transactions with the converter are generally USD - EURO and EURO - USD conversions.